Hamlet Machine

Arthur Makaryan


Narek Baghdasaryan


Ani Vardanyan


Yijin Liu (NYC)<br /> Arpine Kirakosyan (Armenia)


Ani Abrahamyan

Costume and Set Designer

Hayarpi Khachatryan

Graphic Designer

Astghik Karapetyan


An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Henrikh Muller’s Hamletmachine by Ani Vardanyan. Hamlet is immersed in an emotional and physical turmoil trying to reevaluate, justify and understand the motives of those he has killed. Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius and Gertrude coexist in one person. They become the parts of one machine called human.

The production was created with the support of Luys Foundation, AGBU and private sponsors. Curated by Armmono International Theatre Festival. Toured in Armenia, Russia, Lithuania and New York; won the “Best Young Actor” award at the Armenian National Theatre Awards 2018; was called “A miracle is happening before my eyes”, “[…] is an odd delight that brings a new, distinctly modern depth to the famed Danish royal” . Most recently toured to New York from Armenia and was  performed OFF-Broadway at Theater Row as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival on 42nd Street and 9th Avenue, which is the largest solo festival in the world. We would be delighted to see you in the audience once our next destination is announced.


“Regardless of language, “Hamlet Machine” is an odd delight that brings a new, distinctly modern depth to the famed Danish royal.” — James Bartholomew, ALLABOUTSOLO NYC

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