The Great Terror

Arthur Makaryan

Project Coordinator

Anush Ter- Khachatryan


Garin Hovannisian<br /> Alec Mouhibian


You are invited to a secret immersive party in history. The location: Yerevan. The period: 1937 – a year in which Stalin executed 3,000 anti-Soviet poets. The meeting is a gathering of important writers and artists. They are a fascinating, colorful…and explosive bunch. You start to discover their agendas, beliefs, and rivalries – until Cheka (KGB) officials break into the room… YOU better act fast, because the location of this once – elegant party is gradually transforming into…

The project is now in the pre-production phase. The premiere is expected in Spring 2021 in Yerevan.

The O'Leary Theory

An online real-time interactive performance.

We’re putting YOU in the director’s chair