Remember the days of landlines and flip-phones when we obsessively watched The O’Leary Theory? Years have passed since the last episode aired and now, led by their infamous patriarch, Jerry O’Leary, America’s favourite reality TV family is vying for a new spot on the air. You’ve got a seat at the producer’s table all from the comfort of your own home. Think they’re worthy of a comeback? You decide real-time.

This is an online real-time livestreamed show. You will receive instructions how to watch and participate in the show once you book your virtual seats. Hurry as 100 spots are available per show. Read more

Q. Is The O’Leary Theory a real TV show or fictional?
A. The O’Leary Theory is fictional show and if you thought for a second that you may have missed out on watching this show, just know it was our intention.

Q. How long is the show?
A. The show is 60 minutes without an intermission.

Q. Why is this an interactive experience?
A. What is special about this show is that the audience is given a unique opportunity to change the show plot realtime. You decide REAL-TIME!

Q. How am I supposed to watch and participate?
A. For the best experience we recommend you to have installed the latest version of Google Chrome on your computer. You will receive special instructions before the show.

Q. Can I watch the performance at any time after I get the tickets?
A. The show is LIVE streamed real-time, which means you have to be online and present at the streaming time. Note the show dates and times are listed in Eastern Time zone.

The O'Leary Theory

An online real-time interactive performance.

We’re putting YOU in the director’s chair